New Customer Announcement

Able Services Joins Accelerator TSG is pleased to welcome Able Services as a customer!  Able Services is the USA’s largest family-owned provider of engineering, janitorial and facility solutions. Together with the TSG team, Able Services will be using Accelerator CC to streamline their quote through invoice process to improve efficiencies and provide visibility to key

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Why Am I Losing Customers?

Customers will leave, it doesn’t matter how loyal they are.  Some leave and come back, some leave and never come back.  But why?  Why do customers leave?  Understanding why customers leave is the first step in building a customer retention strategy.  You can’t solve a problem if you don’t know or understand what it is

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Quality Control’s Role in Customer Retention

Customer retention often comes down to one word, relationships.  The stronger your customer relationships are, the greater the chance of them sticking around becomes.  This is true for all industries, especially the service industry. Quality control starts during training. Employees must understand, down to each step, exactly how to perform the tasks for which they are responsible and

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Customer Retention Programs That Work

The main goal of a customer retention program, is to help a business retain as many customers as possible through customer and brand loyalty initiatives.  The average business loses 20% of its customers by failing to be present in customer relationships.  Here's are 4 tips to help you build your customer retention program. Proactive customer service Being

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Clean Facilities Generate Revenue

Clean Facilities Generate Revenue We all have a different view of cleanliness. What may be messy or dirty to one person might be fine for someone else. No matter how you judge cleanliness, it’s important for businesses to be sanitary for employee health and happiness. That way, a modest investment in cleaning can yield

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The Need For KPIs Is Growing

Managing a business used to be simpler. You studied quarterly and annual reports for revenues and expenses, analyzed market trends and made predictions about market demand. Then, best guess forecasts would be made on where anticipated sales might fall. You’d look back on those conjectures, assemble the reports, then forecast the whole thing all over