Why You Should Consider Technology for Best Practices

As a software and services provider to the building service contractor, we regularly participate in lengthy conversations with industry leaders about the most challenging aspects of running their businesses. The need for technology as an automated management tool is clear and the benefits are significant, regardless of company size. While software helps save time and [...]

Employee Turnover and What You Can Do About It (Part 2 of 2)

In our last post, we discussed some conventional methods for reducing employee turnover.  While they are solid methods, the turnover rate remains high, around 75% on average across the industry.  It is thought employees often leave for better paying jobs or a position with distinct advancement opportunities.  However, this is a misperception and can be [...]

Employee Turnover and What You Can Do About It (Part 1 of 2)

Employee turnover, it happens, especially in service businesses.  Turnover has always been high in the cleaning industry and is one of the main influencers on profitability.  Some turnover is unavoidable and predictable, which include seasonal work or employees jumping ship for a slight bump in pay or hours.  Given the nature of the industry an [...]

Product Spotlight: Managing Your Supplies More Effectively

Running out of supplies can not only be disruptive, but costly as well. CC Supplies, part of the Mobile Solutions Suite, is a mobile app that can save you money, time, and keep your clients happy. CC Supplies was developed so field managers can spend more time with crews and customers, and less time ordering [...]

3 Takeaways From the BSCAI Executive Management Seminar

This year’s Executive Management Seminar was a great turnout of BSC leaders and their management teams. Strategies for achieving company priorities were discussed over this 2 day gathering. Here are three takeaways from the insights we learned from listening to these fascinating discussions: Time management skills: How can I improve mine? We all know that [...]

Equipment Management and QR Codes for the BSC

Building service contractors are understanding the value of best practices across their entire service delivery chain. In a competitive market place, this adds up to more dollars and superior service delivery with each contract. Managing your equipment inventory is an important part of this chain. BSC’s who we have worked with implementing equipment management best [...]

Commercial Cleaners Margin Erosion – Survive and Grow

I had an interesting conversation the other day with a long time customer I felt might be of interest to share. This individual is the VP of operations for a large BSC, they’ve been around and successful for over a century…yes, 100 years. His company has adopted a best practice quality control program which includes [...]