The Need For KPIs Is Growing

Managing a business used to be simpler. You studied quarterly and annual reports for revenues and expenses, analyzed market trends and made predictions about market demand. Then, best guess forecasts would be made on where anticipated sales might fall. You’d look back on those conjectures, assemble the reports, then forecast the whole thing all over [...]

Employee Turnover and What You Can Do About It (Part 1 of 2)

Employee turnover, it happens, especially in service businesses.  Turnover has always been high in the cleaning industry and is one of the main influencers on profitability.  Some turnover is unavoidable and predictable, which include seasonal work or employees jumping ship for a slight bump in pay or hours.  Given the nature of the industry an [...]

4 Takeaways from the BSCAI / ISSA Commercial Cleaning Show

Last month’s trade show for the commercial cleaning industry, BSCAI / ISSA, was another big turnout of industry professionals and supporting vendors addressing some critical challenges as the industry struggles with increasing competition and decreasing margins. Key topics of discussion both in the presentations and on the show floor centered around managing the details and [...]

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4 Ways to Increase Revenue in Your Cleaning Business

Last year at this time we blogged about increased competition in our industry and shrinking margins. Here we are 12 months later and the situation has not improved. Finding new business remains challenging. Competing on price is a necessary evil at times. The best lessons learned from cleaning companies surviving these challenges involve looking at [...]

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