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Introducing Recurring Work Orders

How it Benefits You

Recurring work orders saves valuable time.  Setup a work order once, add a schedule, and you’re finished. All work for your clients and employees are kept in a central location so you know the schedule and can plan ahead to better serve customers.  Here’s a short list of common recurring work orders:

  1. Weekly appliance cleaning

  2. Periodic Inspections are Due

  3. Contract periodic cleaning tasks

  4. Floor work scheduling

  5. Monthly recurring billing

  6. Customer reviews with management

How to Use it

Creating and scheduling recurring work is easy.  We’ve added Recurring Work Orders to the Work Order Tile.  Simply create the work order for the service location and set the schedule.  Accelerator will create your first work order and generate the following works order 4 days before the schedule date (Date Promised).

You can assign the work orders to a supervisor, account manager, or anyone with an email address including sub-contractors.

Work Calendar

Work Order Calendar

How it Benefits You

We’ve upgraded the Work Order calendar to show you what you need to see.  The calendar filters let you dial into your schedule for a fast visual of work status so nothing is overlooked, and your customers are better served.

Want to see how it works?

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