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CC Cloud Modules

Traditionally, you have been forced to commit to a one size fits all software package with lots of features you may not want or need. Perhaps you have purchased a lighter, cheaper app that works for right now. Our mission is to provide affordable commercial cleaning software with applications you need, when you need it. Your requirements will likely change as your business grows, don’t worry, we stick around to help out. We designed each module to stand on its’ own, however all modules work together in perfect harmony to run your business smoothly, seamlessly.

Choose one or two modules today, no pressure — you can always add more later. You never have more software than you need and everything you want is right where it should be. We’re changing the way you think about software, go ahead pick out what you want, we’ll take care of the rest.

Accounts – Manage Customer & Service Locations

Accounts provides you with full visibility into all your customer and service locations information and history in one place. You’ll have access to all quotes, bids, inspection, job and work order history in one neat, orderly screen–easy to get to, easy to find. We even track service location supplies and equipment. We like to think we’ve thought of everything and we want it all available from one place, how does that sound?

Here’s what we store in the Accounts Module:

  • Service Locations
  • Contact Info
  • Work Order History
  • Inspection History
  • Supplies with Min/Max
  • Equipment being Used
  • Sales: Opportunities
  • Bids & Quotes
  • Jobs
  • Document storage such as Access Codes

Sales – Work Opportunities & Win Business

The Sales module gives your sales team the tools needed to work more opportunities and win more business. If you’re interested in growing your company, you need to continually work leads efficiently and with full visibility into the pipeline.

Here’s what your sales team can do in the Sales Module:

  • Import Prospects and track your marketing programs for effectiveness
  • Track Contact History, Follow Ups, Lead progress
  • Create Opportunities for pipeline management
  • Gather building specs on your tablet for accurate bids
  • Generate Bids and Work Order Quotes
  • Store and Generate Documents such as professional proposals
  • Easily convert a Quote to a Work Order
  • Easily convert a Bid to a Job

Jobs – Manage the Profitability of Your Business

Jobs manages the details and profitability of your contract cleaning business. You establish job tasks by frequency, production rates (we figure that out for you), supply and equipment requirements and miscellaneous costs such as travel and uniforms. You can generate contracts or store your contracts in the Jobs module, everything you need to manage profitability at your fingertips.

Here’s a few features of the Jobs Module:

  • Setup Job specifications by frequency
  • Establish production rates and costs
  • Establish supplies and equipment requirements and costs
  • Assign employee or sub-contractor for Scheduling and Time Keeping
  • Establish and Track Budgets
  • Store Documents such as contracts and on-boarding tasks.

Work Orders – One-Time and Special Requests

Work Orders manages one time and special request services. Calculate costs in a variety of ways then send work ticket notifications to your team members via email or text. We help keep track of the status of your Work Order all the way through to completion allowing customer service and profitability to remain at peak performance. Once completed, invoices are generated with just a few clicks!

Key Work Order features for the BSC:

  • Handle special requests and one-time services
  • Define tasks, supplies & equipment required
  • Calculate cost by time, square feet, quantity or fixed price
  • Easily mark-up, discount or fix sell amounts
  • Assign employee or sub-contractor
  • Send and receive automated Work Order Status Notifications
  • Store work order history to Account Module Capture time to complete via mobile device

Schedules – Know the Who, When and Where of Your Business

Advanced Scheduling – Manage Resources to Maximize Productivity:

  • Integrates with Job Assignments, Shifts, Work Orders and Employee Time Off
  • Print Calendars by Employee, Crew or Service Location
  • Displays all work orders that are unscheduled or unassigned
  • Quickly schedule and assign work based on real time commitments and schedules









Inspections – Manage the Correction-Through-Inspection Process

Inspections close the loop from deficiency identification, tracking to completion and customer retention. Our flexible Inspection module and tablet application can manage quality for the most demanding facilities and processes. You have full control of each service location quality program; your customers expect that, your software should handle that!

  • Inspection templates assigned to Service Location for flexibility
  • Capture photos and comments at the Spot level
  • Auto-email deficiency report to appropriate individuals
  • Capture electronic signatures
  • Unlimited reporting for internal team and customers
  • Trend reporting by area and spot
  • Deficiency tables for assignment and tracking

Employee Management – Manage All Hiring, Performance and Training

Employee Management is a full featured Human Resources tool to keep your hiring, performance, and training needs accurate and organized. You’ll know who is doing what, when they’re doing it, and any issues before they become big problems.

  • Full integrated with Job and Work Order Assignments to track when and where
  • Employee Reprimand tracking from mobile device
  • Employee on-boarding with all your required documents
  • Employee schedules
  • Capture hours worked for payroll timecards
  • Employee performance tracking for enhanced training and improved quality
  • Sub-contractor management with rates by SQFT, Quantity, Fixed, and Hourly costs

Supplies – Manage Supply Inventory Requirements

Supplies module keeps track of service location, supply inventory requirements and makes sure you’re sending the right supplies to the right price.

Supply Module Features include:

  • Tablet based supply inventory counts
  • Import Supply information from your distributor
  • Sync supply inventories for re-ordering
  • Move inventory out of warehouse to the service location
  • Receive inventory at the service location
  • Capture signature for inventory receipts for invoicing