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My Time Tracker® is Accelerator’s time keeping system, so you can simply and accurately record employee time.

My Time Tracker® features:

  • No-show alerts to email, text or both
  • Activity alerts to email, text or both
  • Geo-fencing that blocks punches outside a customized range
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Create or import employee schedules
  • Run budget reports
  • Payroll and Job Costing Reports
  • Easily create payroll and employee time sheets
  • View all Clock-In Logs
  • Set-up Service Codes to track budgets simply
  • Integrates with most payroll systems

When cleaners use a landline from a caller-id enabled phone you will know they are onsite.  Also, cleaners can use a mobile web app with geo-fencing, ensuring cleaners are within range in order to punch in or out successfully.

Get no-show text and email alerts when employees miss their scheduled time.  Customize the alert from five minutes to two hours.

No Show Phone Alert

No Show Phone Alert










Also, easily turn on and off activity reports so you know when employees punch in and out.

Use the daily and weekly schedule builder to fill out your work calendar.  Filter and print schedules by employees and locations.  Plus, employees can automatically receive their schedules by text or email.  If you have an existing schedule, upload it to the system for quick and easy schedule creation.

View Clock-In Logs so you can follow employee clock in procedures to accurately track successful clock ins, or see failure results to quickly identify punch failures.

Get employee approvals by individual employee or service location.  Easily make time adjustments, so you can be confident in accurate time keeping.

Pay as you Go

Activate My Time Tracker to your account for a $9 monthly fee.  Add unlimited locations and employees.  Pay only for employee punches.

Accelerator runs account reports that show how many punches were logged each day, week and month.  The appropriate punch fees will be invoiced to your account.