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Advanced Products to Drive Your Business Efficiently

Start with the tools you need now and grow into future functionality


CC Cloud

Desktop commercial cleaning business management

CC Kiosk

Advanced time clock & field staff communication

Customer Connect

Submit service requests online

CC Work Orders

Handle inspection deficiencies & work order management

CC Inspect

Easily manage the inspection through correction process

CC Equipment

Manage your equipment’s health & location

CC Supplies

Manage your supply levels at service locations


CC Cloud for your main office staff

Desktop commercial cleaning business management

Accelerator CC – Commercial Cleaning Software offers you a new, different way to purchase software for your cleaning company. Traditionally, you have been forced to commit to a one size fits all software package with lots of features you may not want or need. Perhaps you have purchased a lighter, cheaper app that works for right now. That’s okay, but we think you should have it all, and why not? You work hard, you deserve it.

Our mission is to provide affordable commercial cleaning software with applications you need, when you need it. Your requirements will likely change as your business grows, don’t worry, we stick around to help out. We designed each module to stand on its’ own, however all modules work together in perfect harmony to run your business smoothly, seamlessly.

Choose one or two modules today, no pressure — you can always add more later. You never have more software than you need and everything you want is right where it should be. We’re changing the way you think about software, go ahead pick out what you want, we’ll take care of the rest.

CC Cloud Modules Include:
Accounts | Sales | Jobs | Work Orders
Schedules | Inspections | Employee Management | Supplies


CC Work Orders to handle inspection deficiencies & work orders

Part of the Mobile Solutions Suite
for your field staff

CC Work Orders is a powerful, easy to use mobile app that is perfect for account managers, supervisors, and subcontractors. Our easy to use tool will keep your team organized giving you peace of mind knowing your higher cost team members are completing their tasks, at the right time, at the correct place!

With CC Work Orders your team can:

  • Close out inspection deficiencies and let CC Cloud know that the service corrections are completed. We will automatically translate to their language if needed!
  • View and close work orders, update CC Cloud and get accounting their invoicing right away. We’ll send you an email when a work order status is updated automatically!
  • Submit new work orders from the field; keep the office and operations up to date on any new work required.
  • Track the time that managers and supervisors are on a job site. Are you costing job supervision accurately? We provide the answer!


CC Inspect to easily manage the inspect-through-correct process

Part of the Mobile Solutions Suite
for your field staff

Take your quality control to a new level with CC Inspect. Inspections are easy to complete and inspection template forms can be configured to match any facility without limits, perfect for your data hungry customers. CC Inspect is a stand-alone app so no Wi-Fi connections are needed until you’re ready to sync to CC Cloud. CC Inspect manages the inspection through correction quality assurance process so service corrections get fixed fast. We can even auto-assign deficiencies to CC Work Orders or CC Kiosk users for closing out and GPS stamping.


CC Equipment to manage your equipment’s health & location

Part of the Mobile Solutions Suite
for your field staff

CC Equipment is a mobile app that lets you inspect your equipment and check equipment into and out of your facility. Always know where your equipment is and how much you have at each job location with the intuitive reporting and tracking capabilities built-in to the CC Equipment application.

  • Keep up to date with equipment condition
  • Prevent equipment failure
  • GS-42 reporting and tracking
  • Know where your equipment is and how much you have at each job location
  • Easy check in and check out using QR Scanning technology

Gain visibility over the location and condition of your equipment using our CC Equipment solution.


CC Supplies to manage your supply levels at your service location

Part of the Mobile Solutions Suite
for your field staff

CC Supplies is a mobile app that lets you count, request, and receive inventory at your service locations. Efficient replenishment means reduced costs while improving service delivery. No more missing supplies, downtime, and complaints.

  • Know supply costs for each location
  • Eliminate out of stocks
  • Track location usage for optimal spending
  • Get notified of new Supply Requests for efficient processing

Gain visibility over your supply inventories at all locations!


CC Kiosk for advanced time clock & field staff communication

Keep your cleaning crews up to date

CC Kiosk is an extension of your quality program and allows two-way communication between management and facility staff. It displays tasks and deficiencies identified with regularly performed inspections.

  • Tasks are assigned to a specific cleaner
  • Tasks are automatically translated into the cleaner’s pre-established language preference
  • The cleaner logs into CC Kiosk
  • Tasks are presented to the cleaner in a checklist format for easy check-off completion

At all times, management can easily view open and completed tasks for easy follow up and employee performance management.

Building Supervisors, Cleaning Staff and Management all stay on the same page. Never lose time, never lost in translation, nothing gets missed.


CC Connect for customers to stay in touch

Submit service requests online

CC Customer Connect is a web and mobile friendly portal to allow your customers to submit service requests on-line. The service requests will flow directly into the work orders module, all you have to do is determine if it is billable and when the work should be scheduled! The service request will immediately be available in CC Work Orders as we automatically assign the work request to the Account Manager.

Good News for your Customers: No Login Needed! We’ve designed Customer Connect so your customers don’t have to remember another username and password. Once you setup your contact to use Customer Connect, we’ll send them an email with their own link that they can save and re-use–they’re logged right in!

Click here to learn more

Approve IT® for one-click client quote approvals

What does Approve It do?  

Allows you to quickly generate a one-time work order quote and auto-email the quote detail to the contact.  The email is embedded with an Approve button, and all your contact needs to do is tap Approve and Accelerator does the rest:

  1. Create a quote
  2. Email auto-sent to your contact
  3. Contact taps Approve in the email
  4. Accelerator auto generates a work order
  5. Your contact receives a notification of work scope and schedule
  6. Your contact receives notification when the work order is closed

Done. Easy.















Submit IT® to easily submit service requests


Submit IT® is a simple client service request portal.  No log-in required  Easily give your clients a branded webpage for them to link to their homepage.  When clients go to that page they will fill-out the form, click submit and that’s it!  Within seconds they can request service and you’ll be alerted automatically by email and mobile device.

•     No login required

•     Work orders auto-generated

•     Auto-notifications sent to your team by email and mobile app

•     Clients auto-emailed when work orders completed