Professional Services



Managing a professional janitorial company is complex.   You know data is important but don’t have time to collect or analyze it.  You’d like to use technology to help manage the workload and give you better insights into your clients. We have the experience to get you up and running quickly.

We provide these services to minimize the hassle for you:

  • Import accounts and employee data

  • One on one or group training

  • Project management

We also offer evening data entry and support staff! Rather than adding full-time salary let Accelerator’s professional services assist.  We can back fill the services you need.  Whether it’s creating and delivering reports to your inbox or inputting new customer information, we can help.

Spend your time on proactive customer service, not reactive problem solving.  Let the Accelerator team bring value to your business.



Certified Training

We provide an experienced team to deliver individual or group training.   In most cases, your field staff will be productive with less than an hour of training.

Our training, based on your unique business processes, will ensure your team knows how to get the most out of Accelerator.

We have many clients who require staff to go through our certification process to ensure they are comfortable and knowledgeable with our apps.

An Extension of your Team

Running a successful janitorial business keeps you busy–we get that.  It also requires you running on a lean staff.  That makes implementing systems difficult.  Let Accelerator help.

By implementing Accelerator, many of the financial reporting tasks that take so much time to compile can be lifted.  Our auto-reports makes that easy.

Customer service help.  We can compile daily reports for your clients that communicate incomplete tasks and reasons to your clients.

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Janitorial Managed Services

Objective Assessments

For clients who wish to leave the auditing to an objective third party, Accelerator provides regularly scheduled janitorial inspections by trained Accelerator Management Services’ inspectors. The data collected by our auditors will be uploaded to a client portal and will be available to all stakeholders. Accelerator provides an executive summary that includes quality scores by building, area type, spot type, a deficiencies breakdown, photographs of deficiencies, comments, trend reports, corrective action advice, and more.

LEED Certification Assessments

For clients seeking LEED certification, Accelerator can perform a “Custodial Effectiveness Assessment”. This special third-party quality inspection and report provides the client with one credit toward LEED certification.

We conduct an audit in accordance with APPA Leadership in Educational Facilities’ (APPA) “Custodial Staffing Guidelines” to determine the appearance level of the facility.

After our assessment, we provide a final Custodial Effectiveness report complete with notes and pictures for all deficient areas found.

Let Accelerator Help Manage Your Business!