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Sub-Contractor Management the Easy Way – with Accelerator CC

Many Building Service Contractors utilize sub-contractors as part of their business model. Although this practice has been around for some time, it does prove to create challenges for the BSC, like managing the quality of service delivery, time on site for contact compliancy, task communications, payments and profitability.


Accelerator CC was designed to help you manage these challenges.

With Accelerator CC Cloud and our mobile app, CC Mobile, you can integrate subs deep into your operations.

  • Assign work and tasks directly to your sub, they can close the ticket and take after photos.
  • Using CC Mobile and a QR code, subs can scan our app for visitation history including time spent.
  • Using CC Cloud job and work order payout tracking, calculating what is owed and what is pending is easily calculated.
  • You can email monthly statements to your subs with all history saved
  • Generate job and sub profitability reports. Coupled with Quality Control reports, you can recognize top performers and execute proactively with substandard performance.

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