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The Need For KPIs Is Growing

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Managing a business used to be simpler. You studied quarterly and annual reports for revenues and expenses, analyzed market trends and made predictions about market demand. Then, best guess forecasts would be made on where anticipated sales might fall. You’d look back on those conjectures, assemble the reports, then forecast the whole thing all over

Employee Turnover and What You Can Do About It (Part 1 of 2)

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Employee turnover, it happens, especially in service businesses.  Turnover has always been high in the cleaning industry and is one of the main influencers on profitability.  Some turnover is unavoidable and predictable, which include seasonal work or employees jumping ship for a slight bump in pay or hours.  Given the nature of the industry an

Know Your Competitive Advantage

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A long standing issue facing the commercial cleaning industry is healthy margins. A strategy often overlooked for improved margins for your business; small, medium, or large, is knowing your competitive advantage and making it well known during the selling process (before the bid!). Competitive advantage simply means what it states, you have an advantage competing

Announcing Time and Attendance Workforce Management

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We are pleased to announce our partnership with EPay Systems to provide our customers with a complete software suite to manage a distributed work force while providing real time budget and job cost analytics! Our mission at TSG is to deliver innovative products and services to reduce costs while improving service delivery. For Immediate Release