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Everything You Need In One System

Accelerator is a complete system for janitorial and commercial cleaning companies. While there are many individual systems for work orders, quality control, customer portals and time keeping, Accelerator combines all that functionality into one platform. For as low as $25 per month you can integrate, automate, and accelerate.


Accelerator combines all your relevant work into one easy to view platform. See everything that’s happening at each location so you always stay on top of customers.

The work panel easily lets you see:

  • Account Notes and Communications

  • Work Orders for each location

  • Inspections done at each location

  • Floor lists for quick assignments

  • Contacts for each location

  • Notifications of who receives auto-reports


Most janitorial companies run on lean staff.  They spend much of their day helping customers resolve questions about completed work and chasing managers to verify what work has been done.

With Accelerator, many of your processes can be automated.  This helps to reduce mistakes from manual entry.  Your team won’t spend hours searching through mountains of paperwork, texts, emails and voice mails.  Or sifting through countless spreadsheets.  All the data they need is just a few clicks away.  And for most report needs, we will send detailed reports automatically so your staff doesn’t have to worry about compiling data.

Spend your time on proactive customer service, not reactive problem solving.  Let the Accelerator team bring value to your business.

Empower Your Managers

Your field teams are on the front lines with your customers.  They are the first ones to hear when something goes wrong or customers want extra services.  Let them cut the cord to the office and address issues quickly by going completely mobile!

Janitorial Mobile App

Accelerator lets field teams:

  • View, close and create work orders from their mobile device

  • Perform simple, customized inspections

  • Identify inspection deficiencies and auto-notify staff for correction

  • Take photos, make notes, capture signatures for all work orders and inspections

  • View full note history and create new notes so they always know account history

  • Accumulate meaningful data that’s automatically reported to management

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