Able services

Leveraging technology to transform building services

and increasing profits and  margins through specialty services

Client Summary

Able Services is the largest family owned building services provider in the United States. For nearly 100 years, Able has provided solutions for facility operations to companies nationwide.  With integrated services such as janitorial, engineering, facility management and energy solutions, Able delivers valuable work-life experiences to over one-billion sq. ft. of real estate.  Able employs over 17,000 women and men who function behind the scenes making real estate work for their clients.


Able was not struggling to gain business. They were selling millions of dollars worth of additional services to their clients monthly.  Able’s accounting team was struggling with getting complete, accurate and timely billing from field managers.  Too often, they received late, inconsistent, innacurate or missing information.  This led to late and even missed billing, accounting for thousands of dollars in lost revenue every month.


While working to address the challenges above, Able’s team found themselves on a long and complex journey. They knew they needed a partner that could provide immediate value in an on-going project where there were complex requirements and existing market expectations. Yet, they also needed a partner that could offer customization and be willing to quickly build additional features unique to Able’s complex business challenges.

Designed to Deliver

Able selected Accelerator for its range of capabilities and customization opportunities.  They quickly customized the software to meet their needs.

Accelerator immersed themselves in Able’s processes to gain a clear understanding of the business needs.  This provided clarity on manager’s tasks, workflow and proof of work requirements. It also informed the development of a framework for future requirements as the system was deployed across multiple business units across the entire organization.

“Accelerator made it easy for our field managers to bill their TAG work.  Before, we weren’t sure how much revenue came from specialty services.  Now, it’s easy.” Mike Coughlin – Manager of Purchasing


For Able

  • Accurate Billing: Able increased profits by over 5% from closing the loop of missed billing
  • Consistent Quoting: All quotes sent to clients have the same format with consistent pricing models
  • Easy Quote Approvals: Clients click one button to approve their quotes.  If there are any questions of acceptance, it’s easy to verify with the client of their approval

For Building Service Companies

  • Time Savings: By automating and simplifying their processes, BSCs can greatly reduce labor costs while making it easier for their staff to complete their daily tasks.
  • Increased Accountability: Being more accountable for contract compliancy helps BSCs retain more clients. They are much more likely to renew their contracts when they know work is getting done.
  • Data: Data is the best way to understand what is really happening at client accounts. When data shows work is getting done, BSCs can reward their staff. When it doesn’t, they can retrain staff to better perform their tasks.