A 4-part post from Accelerator CC — Every year, we at Accelerator CC step back and take a look at the industry trends that are affecting our customers, and those that will soon be impacting their day-to-day operations in the near future. In this 4-part post series, we outline our view of the increasing pressures shared between building owners, managers, and building service contractors.

Part four of four in our series presents a list of key observations and actions by BSCs in response to their new pressures. BSCs who want to thrive (and survive) will adopt a growth oriented business strategy and will need additional IT and mobile technology capabilities to support it—cell phones, accounting software and Excel are no longer enough. Here is our list of actionable responses being taken by BSCs as their operational and technology/IT strategies evolve and adapt to meet changing demands.

  • Operational Excellence with a focus on flawless service delivery, efficient coordination of activity, and the allocation of scare resources (crews and equipment) will be imperative to maintaining margins and profitability
  • Paper based systems that require coordination and dispatch and return on a daily basis from a central operating point are inefficient and present a point of failure due to their dependence on one or two individuals being physically available 24/7
  • In a tight margin environment, all billable work must be billed and nothing can slip through the cracks (cannot afford lost or misplaced paperwork)
  • Service Location margins (all revenue, all service delivered, and all support and reporting) must be monitored for profitability
  • IT systems must be in place that ensure that work processes are both efficient and closed loop to prevent “leakage” and data entry or formula errors in Excel
    • Mobile and paperless delivery and reporting of work elements
    • Integration to accounting / invoicing systems
    • Support executive decision making around profitable and unprofitable contracts and accounts

So how did we do? Did we capture the pressures the way you’re seeing them in 2016? What did we miss? We’d like to hear from you.

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