Total Quality services

Maximizing Quality Control

Client Summary

Total Quality Services has provided the best in comprehensive janitorial services to the leading property management firms and building owners in the Metropolitan Washington area since 1993. Total Quality services more than 20,000,000 sq ft. of commercial office space and employs over 1,000 employees.  They focus on partnerships with their clients–transparency and customer service is the top priority.


Total Quality employees diligently serviced their accounts every night.  However, customers frequently complained about undone tasks.  As a result, management spent hours talking with employees and customers to relay the causes for the incomplete work.  But, most often the incomplete work was due to circumstances outside of their control. For example, when clients stayed late, locked their office doors, or left items in the cleaner’s way, cleaners had no way to finish their tasks. More so, they also had no reliable way to relay the reasons to staff or clients. Total Quality realized they needed an easier way to collect this data and provide it to their customers.


Total Quality started using Accelerator CC’s Accord App to capture nightly incident data for each client account. Accelerator trained Total Quality’s field staff to use the mobile application to snap pictures, make notes and capture other data related to their work. Then, field managers trained staff to quickly use standardized comments in drop down boxes, rather than writing in ever changing deficiency variations. Information was centralized, tracked in real-time, accessed anywhere and auto-sent to office staff for monitoring. Also, the data was compiled into Client Reports so clients would have the information waiting in their inbox each morning.  Therefore, this saved clients time and aggravation finding out from their staff or Total Quality why work hadn’t been completed.

Now, office staff are automatically updated on field incidents rather than spending hours compiling them into spreadsheets. They spend more time building customer relationships. Staff now filter relevant data in the software and run reports to easily manage customer service and operations.

Additionally, Accelerator customized new types of reports that are
automatically compiled with information from the field. Now, staff simply review the report and send it to the customer. “This provided information for each building such as if lights were left on. Also, if anyone was in the building when the crew left, if there were any incidents and other issues not specifically part of the cleaning tasks but are very important for the building managers to know,” said Alex Reimondez, Manager of Client Services.

Future Plans

“Now, the nightly report data is getting done automatically and the information is being delivered quickly and the client knows what’s going on.” Mr. Reimondez said. TQS’s customers have been very happy with the amount and quality of information being shared. They are providing great feedback on what information is important to them and what new types of information they’d like to see.

Total Quality plans to ask area supervisors to expand monitoring of their buildings and report even more information back to the client. Mr. Reimondez thinks, “there is a lot of potential (for growth).” TQS and Accelerator are working together to continue improving service

“It saves us a lot of time and resources, but more than saving time
for our staff, the important thing is we have the information we
need. With our old system, we supposedly had the data but it was hard to track because it was on pieces of paper, or in a log book in a janitor’s closet. There might be great information, but no one was using it.” Alex Reimondez – Manager Client Services


For Clients

  • Daily reports are auto-emailed to client so they are always kept informed about any service gaps
  • Clients save time and aggravation trying to track down from their staff or TQS managers the reasons services were not completed
  • Daily reports keep everyone on the same page and client relationships grow stronger through transparency

For Total Quality Services

  • Staff easily log incidents that is easily transmitted to managers and office staff
  • Pictures, notes, signatures and more can all be quickly captured and sent to office staff for faster decisions and customer service
  • Hours are saved by office staff from going through texts, emails, voice mails, papers, etc. to compile incident reports for clients