Building service contractors are understanding the value of best practices across their entire service delivery chain. In a competitive market place, this adds up to more dollars and superior service delivery with each contract.

Managing your equipment inventory is an important part of this chain. BSC’s who we have worked with implementing equipment management best practices such as: preventive maintenance, periodic inspections, electronic shipping and receiving, have reduced equipment costs 6 -17% annually. If you think about this, the savings makes sense…

  • The equipment is always ready when a billable project is scheduled, we know it’s working and where it is. Job gets completed when scheduled, cash comes in sooner.
  • Equipment costs are reduced as trips to the local big box store are eliminated.
  • Shrinkage of lower cost equipment is identified and eliminated.
  • Actual repair costs can be analyzed by job location so equipment refresh is more accurate to reduce cost.
  • Reduced downtime saves money, machines not running costs money.
  • Equipment usage is identified and can be aligned for more usage in other areas to increase production.

BSC’s who have implemented an efficient and consistent equipment maintenance program can expect cost savings across a variety of areas. We recently implemented an equipment program for a BSC managing a large college campus. They complained of equipment not being readily available and unpredictable down times. Their customer was unhappy and forced them into improvements.

After spending several weeks tagging the equipment with QR codes, site managers are quickly and efficiently scanning, inspecting, and shipping equipment throughout the campus. Preventive maintenance tickets are being delivered to technicians phones for easy scheduling, providing the management team visibility to costs and performance. The savings are not in yet (we estimate 9% in employee time alone) but the team is so pleased with initial results, they plan to deploy across all their jobs.

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