A 4-part post from Accelerator CC — Every year, we at Accelerator CC step back and take a look at the industry trends that are affecting our customers, and those that will soon be impacting their day-to-day operations in the near future. In this 4-part post series, we outline our view of the increasing pressures shared between building owners, managers, and building service contractors.

Part one of four in our series presents a list of top pressures facing building owners and managers. With increasing demands coming from tenants, the linked chain of requests and responsibilities turns to building owners who, in turn, place increasing demands on managers to comply with ever-tightening safety, security and compliance issues. Simply put, the needs of the building owner and managers are changing rapidly. Here are the challenges the way we see them.

  • Tenants are demanding and getting a clean, safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible environment to conduct their business
  • Building owners are demanding that their managers meet or exceed tenant requirements while lowering the operating costs of their buildings
  • Managers are increasingly concerned with safety and security and want to know which staff members or service providers are in their building at any given time
  • Managers are complying with regulations and expect to be informed about any and all materials, chemicals, or equipment that is brought into and/or in use in their facility
  • Managers have less time and more responsibility, they expect service providers to be self-managed, to report results and to demonstrate value add
  • Managers are working less from their office and more from the field on their mobile devices – mobile delivery of information is critical to future success

Does this sound like your situation? How much of this list describes what you’re facing? What did we miss? We’d like to hear from you.

In our next post, we’ll explore how these pressures are affecting the building service contractors.

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