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Quality Control is easy for your inspectors with the Accord® inspections software app.  Quickly choose inspection areas, apply grades, take pictures, make notes and capture signatures. Inspections are tracked using GPS and reports are auto-sent to managers, clients or anyone.

Inspection Software
Inspection Software

Inspection Deficiencies

We manage the entire inspection through correction process. Deficiencies are routed to the persons responsible for corrective action and easily closed out using our Accord® mobile app. View trending reports to identify employee training needs and process improvements.

More Than Cleaning Inspections

Quality control goes beyond just a cleaning inspection.  Use our template builder to measure compliance, safety, even inspections for property managers to know what happened the night before with tenants staying late, maintenance issues found, and more.

You can have unlimited inspection templates to measure all areas of your business and deliver additional value to your customers.

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Quality Control

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