Quoting is easy with Accelerator

Create Quotes Easily in the Field

Using the Accord mobile app by Accelerator CC, it’s fast and easy to create professional quotes while working in the field.  Simply tap NEW QUOTE to get started!

Quoting Software

Email Directly to your Client

After filling in the quote details and pricing information, the quote can be emailed to your client with just one tap.

Proof of Delivery

It’s important that your customer feels confident that your processes and the technology you use are reliable.  Accelerator tracks the Status History of all transactions; quotes, work orders, inspections and makes it easy for you to deliver proof of completion to your clients.

Client Approval Email

Clients tap approve to accept the Quote making approval convenient and faster.

See it in Action

Accord Dashboard

Dashboard makes it easy to find your work

The Accord Dashboard wraps all your job tasks into simple icons. Just tap on Open Work Orders, Open Deficiencies or Client Notes to see a list. After tapping an icon, Accord displays a list of your open work. See more details, complete tasks. Document your work, take pictures and get signatures.

Sales CRM

Track Deals and Pipeline

Sales can create new deals and update pipelines, so you have a visibility to new business at each stage in your selling process. New deals are simple to setup using Accord and you can create your own pipeline stages.

Sales Activities

It’s easy for sales to update their activities for any deal in progress.  View sales activities to keep your team productive, maximizing their time and efforts.  Activities can be marked completed or left open for future schedules.

Want to try it?
Download the app here and contact us to set up a demo.