Having a quality control program in place is essential for a successful janitorial business.  Without one, you’re just waiting for problems to pop up.  Most janitorial companies have processes in place for monitoring quality.  However, if you’re simply performing periodic inspections, you’re missing value added service and revenue opportunities.

It’s estimated that the average cleaning company loses up to 55% of their customer base every year due to poor service. Your hard work may go unnoticed for years, but one bad job can get you fired immediately.

Successful janitorial companies implement dynamic, evolving quality control programs.  As your company grows and develops so should your quality control system.  Without this evolution, you’re not distinguishing yourselves from your competitors.  Your team might even be simply going through the motions.

To implement a truly successful QC program, try following these steps:

  • Use QC inspections proactively

The best defense is a good offense.  In cleaning you don’t want to just defend your work, you should want to showcase it.  By being transparent and showing clients your performance, you aren’t hiding your weaknesses, but turning them into a strength.  You do this by fast, provable service correction. Identifying deficiencies and efficiently routing corrective action to cleaning staff improves service delivery and staff effectiveness.   Clients will appreciate an inspect through correction process in your operations.

  • Use QC inspections to funnel leads to sales team

With an existing customer, your field team is already in their building seeing its condition. When specialty work needs to be done, give your team the ability to easily connect with a salesperson on what needs to be done. Account managers can do a simple follow-up with the client with a recommendation for the service. This will help strengthen your internal team’s relationship as well as your customer relationship. It can also lead to 25% in additional revenue.

  • Do more than just quality inspections

Quality inspections are a must for truly successful janitorial companies. But, QC is not enough. To go above and beyond, provide daily reports to clients that measure other important service variables such as clients staying late, locked offices, broken items, etc.  Providing “eyes of the building” reporting to your clients is a value add service that will differentiate your company and enhance your client relationship.

  • Clearly Define Outcome Expectations and KPIs

Be sure to outline customer expectations and the duties you will perform as part of the contract.  Determine with your client which performance indicators you will monitor, the level of clean and how it will be judged.  Build those expectations into a software template with all the key components of compliancy.

  • Perform a Client Quarterly Business Review

After you capture all the compliancy data, it’s important to turn it into meaningful reports.  Then, set quarterly reviews with your clients so they know how well you’re meeting contract compliancy. This way, you can periodically monitor your accounts and head off any potential problem are