Running out of supplies can not only be disruptive, but costly as well. CC Supplies, part of the Mobile Solutions Suite, is a mobile app that can save you money, time, and keep your clients happy. CC Supplies was developed so field managers can spend more time with crews and customers, and less time ordering and chasing down supplies.

We have designed the app to incorporate the entire process of replenishing supply inventory so management can report at any time on usage by location. “Leveraging this data, our customers can identify usage patterns, recommend savings, and eliminate shrinkage to add additional value to their clients. Not to mention improved productivity from their crew!”, Bob Brown, CEO, Accelerator CC.

We work to develop applications that are easy to use and provide data management can use to enhance their relationship with their customers. With CC Supplies we can help you:

  • Count, request, and receive supplies from the field
  • Turn requests into shipments with just a few clicks
  • Eliminate out of stocks
  • Track location usage and costs

You will have visibility over your supply inventories at all of your locations. No more downtime. No more missing supplies. No more complaints.

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