Streamline payroll with Accord® Timekeeping and Time Card Approvals



Use GeoFencing to ensure employees are within range for their assigned workplace. Be alerted when employees attempt to punch in/out when out of range.

Kiosk Crew Punching

Ideal for locations where staff punching is needed.   Capture employee photos with each punch.

App Punching

Punching In and Out is simple.  Capture GPS location, use GeoFencing to ensure employees are at their job location.

Time Card Approval

View and Approve time cards.  Full audit trail maintained.

Time Card Approval

See how Accelerator timekeeping can help you streamline payroll

Accelerator Does More

Extra Billable Work

Quotes through Invoicing

Quality Control

Inspection, Corrections, Daily Reports

Work Order Management

Recurring, Billable, Mobile, Portal Request


Punches, GPS, Manager Edits/Approvals, Payroll


Location, Tracking, Inspect, Counts, Requests

Client Portal

Requests, Status, Quality Control, Communications

Executive Dashboards

Revenue, Employee, Operations, Performance


Schedule, Track, Statements, Fees

Case Study

Total quality services

Increasing customer retention through the transparency of daily reports


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