A Transact Systems Group customer has leveraged Accelerator CCMS to win new business and implement tangible strategies to improve customer relationships through customized quality programs. The 100 year old commercial cleaning organization, based in Philadelphia, recently secured a 3 year multi-million dollar contract with a large university. The university utilized a consultant to generate an RFP that included live vendor presentations.

In response, our customer partnered with us to develop a customized quality program that could be demonstrated for the presentation and executed upon the start of the contract. The objective was to demonstrate a quality program that exceeded the university’s custodial standards and highlighted additional value-added services such as communications within the diverse facility teams. It was important to demonstrate through their technology and significant staff presence; they could communicate with their staff and non-staffed employees regarding maintenance and other building related issues, saving the University costs and down time.

The teams configured Accelerator CCMS to include all the University’s service locations and types (residences, labs, classrooms, admin offices etc…). Inspection areas and spots were then incorporated into a grading system that was compliant with the APPA Leadership in Educational Facilities; “Custodial Staffing Guidelines”. Finally, team members were added to the quality program that included custodial management staff, executives, and the university’s own facility teams.

Throughout the presentation, CCMS tablet inspection capabilities were demonstrated. The team generated and delivered inspection reports using the Custodial /University Portal, powered by Accelerator CCMS, and notified the diverse team members of maintenance issues via email.

Our customer stated that they would not have been invited to the presentation without their technology. This technology allowed them to differentiate themselves as an organization that was aligned to the university’s quality requirements and provided added value with their communication and collaboration processes.